About Us

About UsAbout Us:

Minute Man represents you, the individual, the hard working, human of the world. Day in and day out we pour our lives into our work. With that same work ethic, Minute Man was created. Minute Man is a master at mixing he gets his inspiration from nature. Nature's simplicity is what works and always has. It is in nature where we find ourselves. It is in nature we find the simple way of living. The natural sensations of earth gifts captured and brought to life by Minute Man. Taste simplicity, taste truth, experience Instant Satisfaction.



Our Company:

Allow me to introduce Minute Man Vape, we are a team of brothers and long time friends united by the mission to help individuals transition from traditional cigarettes to vaping. Minute Man Vapes first flavor is a citrus-based tangerine and tangerine on ice flavor that took over eleven months to perfect.

Since its inception, we have worked in many different facets of the industry and have years of experience. As an enthusiast, we believe in the spirit of the industry as it has helped us transition from cigarettes to vaping.

Minute Man Vape is founded on the concept of respect for the freedom of individuals. We endorse a revolutionized way of living that supports exploring all of the pleasures life has to offer. The flavors were created with these ideas in mind. Our goal is to bring unique and exotic flavors that are only manufactured with the highest quality ingredients.

Our products are manufactured with the highest quality, in facilities that are ISO-7 certified, made here in the United States. We have registered all of our flavors with the FDA and our labels are compliant with the August deadline.